Our team are industry experts who understand how to build profitability and efficiency. We provide the strategic insight and advice on how to deliver success and continuity to your motor business.

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The highly competitive landscape of the Irish motor industry has seen significant change over the last few years. Challenges and opportunities for growth and expansion seem to be a constant for the sector.

Our unique business model combining accounting, tax and advisory, investment and wealth management capabilities enables us to deliver tailored solutions to owner-managers and their businesses in the motor industry.

We can help you to realise your business and personal objectives under one roof by providing independent business reviews, dealership acquisitions and disposals advice, motor business succession planning, corporate and personal income tax, pension planning and asset management.

Meeting your needs


Our motor industry team is committed to delivering a partner-led customer service experience you won’t find elsewhere.


We can help you to realize both your business and personal objectives. Our unique business model combining accounting, tax and advisory and investment and wealth management enable us to deliver business and personal solutions to owner-managers and their businesses in the motor industry.


In line with our philosophy that individual clients have individual requirements, there is no "typical" Smith & Williamson solution. Instead, we work with our clients to understand their current, short-term and long-term requirements fully so that we can deliver the right approach for their business and families.

How we we help

  • Financing and working capital: we review and support you to put in place the required finance working on your behalf with banks and other sources of finance
  • Profit and efficiency: We work to ensure our clients have detailed insight into the performance and financial drivers of their business
  • Tax advice and compliance: Being tax compliant is a key consideration for dealerships and their directors. Revenue audits are always a concern. Motor clients need to understand how to be compliant and how best to manage the audit process.
  • Succession planning: If you’re looking to plan for the future of your motor business or selling a family business, you’ll need independent business advice.
  • Restructuring: We will negotiate restructuring arrangements on your behalf enable you to ‘right size’ or put in place sustainable debt levels based on the cash flows of your business

Our credentials

Sector knowledge and expertise

Our industry clients span from manufacturers and distributors to dealer networks and individual owner managed dealerships. Our motor sector team includes advisory, corporate finance, assurance, restructuring and tax professionals with a deep knowledge and exposure to the sector.


We have an established network of relationships with Financiers and Banks, Manufacturers and Distributors and key industry players enabling us to understand your business and help you deliver on your plans and objectives both personal and business.

Our motor industry practice team can provide:

  • independent business reviews
  • transaction support on dealership acquisitions and disposals
  • succession planning
  • corporate and personal income tax
  • pension planning and investment
  • wealth management

Commitment to the Irish Motor Industry

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