Public sector outsource services and consulting

Our Public Sector assignments are delivered by our specialist Business Outsource Services team (BOS). Our BOS team, specifically specialise in Public Sector Advisory (PSA) delivering on the diverse requirements of our Public Sector, semi state and state sector clients.

Irish Public Sector 1920

This team is headed up by Damien Kealy who has over 25 years’ experience advising government departments, government agencies, state bodies and national and European funding agencies.

Our public sector projects include:

  1. Providers of outsource grant management support and compliance services to a large national funding agency, involving the financial management and administration of more than 300 research projects on an annual basis.
  2. Providers of outsource financial and compliance resources to a number of national funding agencies to ensure the compliance of their funding programmes with European Funding rules under the ERDF Programme. These assignments typically involve portfolios of 65-120 projects.
  3. Providers of outsource grant support services to a National University to assist in the management of a portfolio of European Funded Projects.
  4. Providers of grant support and compliance services to a multinational corporate entity in receipt of substantial capital infrastructure funding from both national and European sources.
  5. Providers of consultancy services to a national funding agency in regard to the migration of their manual grants management system to an online, cloud-based portal, which included migrating historical and current grant financial and non-financial data for more than 600 projects.
  6. Providers of financial outsource services to a large number of government agencies to support their ongoing accounting and governance requirements.
  7. Development of grant programme funding guidelines and eligibility rules, as well as terms and conditions, for the award of funding on behalf of a number of national funding agencies.
  8. Advisors to a national funding agency on its involvement in a number of multi-jurisdictional European Funded projects and the structure and design of the funding mechanism to be applied to collaborative agreements between the partners.
  9. Nominated Audit Authority for a large number of EU Funded Programmes providing funds for the delivery of science-based research by each of the National Universities and Institutes of Technology (IOT’s) in Ireland.
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