Liz Cahill

Associate Director, Business tax

Areas of expertise

Succession planning; inheritance tax (IHT) and gift tax matters; business reorganisations; property transactions; revenue audits; multi-jurisdictional tax issues.


Liz has in-depth experience and knowledge in advising business owners, shareholders and families across various industries and sectors.

She manages both complex corporate and private client cases, advising on various tax consultancy matters. Her portfolios include Irish subsidiaries of leading multi-national companies, successful Irish companies and high-net-worth individuals.

Liz is experienced in advising on employment matters including foreign contract aspects and termination arrangements.

Notable achievements

  • Advising and guiding clients through succession planning including the transfer of shareholdings, surplus monies and residential properties.
  • Provision of advice covering tax aspects of property transactions including lease surrenders and debt write downs.
  • Delivery of advice on the transfer of tax residency to/from abroad.
  • Advising on the tax implications of a foreign domiciliary across the various taxes.

Professional qualifications/memberships

Associate Member of the Irish Tax Institute.

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