Pensions assurance and audit services

Pensions assurance and audit services

Smith & Williamson have extensive experience providing specialist audit and assurance service to pension schemes. Our pension scheme clients range from relatively small membership pension schemes to some of the largest schemes in Ireland with significant membership and assets.

Trustee Services

Companies often rely on their financial statement auditor to provide audit of their pension scheme. This may not be the most efficient and cost-effective pension scheme audit solution.

We understand that pension trustees have different challenges and a context that requires a high compliance ethos and audit deliverable. In our experience pension trustees are increasingly concerned about governance and compliance of their scheme. The audit of pension schemes requires a specific focus on key compliance areas and risk exposures and an approach that is specifically tailored with your pension scheme context in mind.

Pension schemes vary greatly in size and complexity combined with specific governance, accounting and regulatory requirements. Our dedicated pensions assurance team have extensive experience delivering pension audits and have a deep understanding of the issues, requirements and responsibilities of the trustees;

  • Partner led service ensuring we deliver a quality audit with excellent service
  • We work to agreed timelines to meet all client and regulatory deadlines
  • Our audit fees are competitive.


We take a risk-based approach to our audits and have developed comprehensive pension audit programmes and disclosure checklists that our team apply. We identify and focus on key risk areas to ensure we have reasonable assurance to support the audit opinion that your accounts are free from material misstatement, whether caused by fraud, error or omission.

We look to carry out our work with the minimum of distribution. We provide a schedule of the information we need at the audit outset, providing sufficient time to prepare for the audit process.


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