Tax planning

With tax rules subject to constant change, it’s essential that you regularly review your own and your family’s tax affairs and plan accordingly.

Tax Planning

Tax planning affects all facets of your financial affairs. You may be worried about the impact that rises in property values are having on gifts or inheritance tax, how best to dispose of shares in a business or the most efficient way to pass on your estate.

Whatever your needs, having access to a wide range of tax expertise and being able to structure your personal tax affairs effectively can save you time and effort, in addition to having a considerable impact on your tax bill.

Meeting your needs


Our highly-experienced team of tax professionals provide a personalised service tailored to your precise needs, with an emphasis on local legislation and tax law.


We provide timely and detailed responses to issues such as changes to tax legislation and advice on next steps.


You’ll have a single, high-quality senior point of contact for all your needs; we take into account all your relevant personal circumstances and requirements when assisting with tax planning.


Our expertise covers investment managers, pensions specialists and financial planners who can provide you with a range of services where required. Having this expertise under one roof means we can resolve multiple needs for each client in a joined-up, consistent manner.

How we can help

  • Reviews: Analysis of your personal financial affairs to identify the impact of income, gift, inheritance and capital gains taxes and developing a strategy to maximise relevant reliefs and exemptions.
  • Income tax: Advising on tax aspects of investments, the taxation and administration of estates and trusts and overseas income.
  • Capital gains tax: Advising on the availability of a range of tax reliefs such as entrepreneur’s relief, retirement relief as well as exemptions, transferring assets, gifts and the timing of a disposal.
  • Gift /Inheritance tax: Developing and implementing a strategy based on your financial goals, which may involve gifts, input when drafting or revising a will, establishing trusts and life assurance.
  • Rule changes: Advising on the implications of changes to tax rules on issues such as dividends, savings, share valuations and offshore trusts and funds.
  • Liabilities: Reviewing whether and how your assets are protected from tax in various scenarios.
  • Administration: Helping you administer any trusts.

Our credentials


We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced tax professionals, including accountants, chartered tax advisors and former Revenue staff with a comprehensive understanding of the interplay of personal tax legislation – for those resident and non-resident in Ireland .


We put the interests of our clients first. We work with our clients on an individual personalised basis and tailor everything we do to the specific individual’s aims and requirements.


Goal setting, planning, risk and return assessment must be made clinically to deliver a prosperous retirement. Through our joined up approach to financial planning, tax and investment management, we can make the most of the opportunities available to you.

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