Pre-retirement options

As a client of Smith & Williamson, you can access any of the different pension options available in the Irish market and will benefit from a comprehensive service when it comes to advice, set up, administration and investment.

We will guide you through the mechanics of each of the following different structures available:

i. Self-administered retirement schemes

With more people than ever enjoying longer, active lives in retirement, the necessity for a well-funded pension has never been greater. If you are a company director or senior executive, the Smith & Williamson Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) may be a suitable tax-efficient vehicle to build financial security in retirement for yourself and your family.

The SSAS has become popular in recent years as it enables you to take greater control over your investment strategy. You are free to appoint investment advisers to take advantage of the wide range of investment opportunities , rather than being restricted to life assurance funds.

The SSAS operated by Smith & Williamson Pensioneer Trustee Ltd. has all the tax advantages of a company-sponsored pension scheme with the added benefit of having a bespoke investment strategy tailored to meet your requirements and risk profile.

ii. Personal retirement bonds (PRBs)

When you leave employment, any pension entitlement is referred to as a 'deferred entitlement' or 'deferred pension'. It is possible to transfer this deferred entitlement to a personally-held Revenue approved pension bond in lieu of maintaining a preserved benefit in an occupational pension scheme.

There are many reasons why a transfer to a PRB might be beneficial. To find out more, please do get in touch to arrange a meeting.

iii. Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs)

A PRSA is a long-term, tax-efficient investment account which enables you to save for retirement in a flexible manner, primarily used by the self-employed individuals, including doctors and solicitors. However, we strongly recommend recommend seeking independent financial advice prior to deciding on a structure for you.

Your PRSA is a contract between you and a PRSA provider in the form of an investment account.

The account is very flexible and allows you to change employment and continue to use the same PRSA. You can also switch from one PRSA to another at any time, free of charge.

Tax relief, based on your age, is granted on contributions paid into your PRSA.


Meeting your needs


We will construct a portfolio to suit your current needs while recognising that your circumstances can change and you want the necessary flexibility to reflect this


We will work closely with your other professional advisers where required to help ensure you receive a co-ordinated service.


As an independently-owned company, we take personal pride in maintaining and building your wealth – often across several generations.


Our credentials


Through our work with a wide range of clients we are close to the issues that matter to you enabling us to tailor bespoke advice to help you gain the optimum results.


We work with hundreds of clients and understand how to create and evolve personal and business financial plans to successfully support growth.


We have over a century's experience in managing private client wealth. The family of our first-ever client remains a client today.


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