Value is a core consideration for any business. Knowing the value of an asset, transaction, company, partnership, competitor or target can create new business opportunities and act as a key driver of corporate transactions.


Calculating the value of a business, shares or assets can be critical and contentious for institutions, businesses and individuals; trusted independent objective advice is a key consideration. Obtaining such advice for the valuation of intangible assets is now a recurring problem for many companies for financial reporting purposes, as their auditors are conflicted from providing such advice.

Our specialist valuations team based in Dublin has experience and knowledge across a wide range of businesses and industries and scale of businesses. We specialise in providing valuations for private companies for acquisitions, divestment, share transfers and financial reporting purposes.

We focus on the key drivers of value and have the tools and methodologies required to produce concise, independent and robust valuations. We are experienced in dealing with complex valuation issues and are able to quantify the impact of these in a clear, concise and comprehensible manner.

Our team can execute valuations in a range of areas - whether for financial reporting purposes, acquisitions or sales, tax planning or dispute resolution. We provide independent and objective valuations of intangible assets for financial reporting purposes and also to clients of audit firms where auditors are conflicted.

Meeting your needs


Clients have access to senior members of our specialist valuations team. Our valuations services are partner led using their experience, technical and market knowledge.


Our full service practice capability matches you with the relevant in-house specialist teams in business and personal tax, forensic services, business advisory and corporate finance.


Our valuations are provided efficiently, providing the highest standards of service quality for a fee proportionate to the assignment.


Excellent client/adviser relationships and expertise in written reports and oral evidence in court, where necessary.

How we can help

  • Accounting-based valuations: IFRS 3/FRS 102 ASC805, intangible assets valuations, share option valuations, embedded derivatives valuations using our proprietary share option valuation models, and impairment testing.
  • Tax valuations: Share valuations, transfer pricing and restructurings.
  • Commercial valuations: Business valuations, minority/majority shareholder valuations in private businesses or valuations of professional practices, transaction pricing and negotiation (including on unsolicited offers) market testing, articles valuations and fairness opinions.
  • Contentious valuations: Matrimonial, shareholder, partnership and commercial disputes.

Our credentials


We understand the needs of our clients and are able to respond quickly to meet demanding deadlines. Senior team members are actively involved in every engagement. Our team understand the value drivers for business and appropriately assess the risks associated with the achievement of that value.


Our multi-disciplinary team are networked and connected to ensure you have access to support, advice and services you need.


Through our international Nexia connections, we can help you wherever you choose to do business, providing you with a seamless, high-quality service across international borders.

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