Employee benefits consultancy

With employees increasingly looking beyond salary and focusing more on their total reward package, offering the right mix of benefits can help attract and retain the best people and keep your workforce engaged and motivated.

Concerns over the costs and time involved in carrying out an employee benefits benchmarking exercise, along with fears over a possible increase in costs/benefits, mean businesses often delay this crucial exercise. However, in many cases, the opposite is found to be true. 

A clear corporate strategy around benefits and communication supports organisational goals including staff attraction, retention, productivity, wellbeing and corporate profitability.


Meeting your needs


We use our expertise to offer imaginative yet pragmatic solutions, ensuring your employees get the most from their benefits and rewards package. 


We build a deep understanding of your employee profile, engaging your people and helping them make informed choices on their benefits.


You’ll have access to senior staff from across our diverse business including pensions and employee benefits experts, employment tax professionals and discretionary investment managers. 


How we can help

  • Strategic review service: Challenging your existing benefit model, including detailed analysis of current benefits, and reviewing your reward strategy.
  • Expert advice: Analysis and recommendations to ensure you’re offering employees the right mix of benefits, covering life and disability insurance and a wide range of voluntary benefits.
  • Implementation: From design and restructuring to project management and administration of all types of benefits arrangements.
  • Financial education: From group sessions to running one-to-one employee clinics on appropriate benefits options and retirement planning.
  • Evaluation: Determining whether your employees’ understanding and appreciation of their benefits has increased, and if you’re getting a return on your investment.


Our credentials


Our team includes the highest proportion of regulated consultants, compared to our competitors, to support staff.

Word of mouth

At least 50% of new clients come to us as a result of referrals from satisfied clients.


Our team is adept at running clinics for employees so that they can make informed choices about their benefits package. 

Contact us

Steve Cave
Steve Cave

Associate director London +44 (0)20 7131 8194

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