Employee benefits review 2018: Issue 1 & 2

Insights for human resources and finance directors

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Welcome to the second issue of the 2018 Employee Benefits Review, which provides insights for HR professionals and finance directors. In a year of events that have significantly impacted many businesses across the UK, such as Gender Pay Gap reporting, the General Data Protection Regulation and Brexit negotiations, we outline the key issues likely to affect you and your organisation.

We explore five trends you should be thinking about, including business continuity planning. While all businesses have insurance in place for factors such as business premises and important machinery, we find that a company’s most important asset — its key people — is often not protected.

There continues to be a stigma attached to mental health in the workplace and in this issue we consider what can be done.
Other hot topics include the revamped ISA rules, and the need to separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to pension freedoms.

Finally, with near zero unemployment in the UK, attracting and retaining talent is vitally important to the growth plans of any business. Our recent research report Dream bigger: The scale-up moment found that 73% of scale-up businesses have increased their headcount in the past year, more than double that of non-scale-ups. We look at the key components a business should consider.


2018: Issue 2


2018: Issue 1


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