Approach to responsible investing

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) may previously have been dismissed as a fad, but few could make that mistake today.

In 2020 the pandemic put a spotlight on our relationship with the planet, while specific events such as the Australian bushfires and Californian wildfires clearly showed the consequences of doing nothing.

Our survey of over 2000 respondents looked at people’s views on ESG investing and how they may have changed since the start of the pandemic. What are investors’ priorities? Where are the weak spots? What do they believe about the relationship between ESG and risk-adjusted returns? We drew six main conclusions, which we explore in greater detail in the report:

  • ESG is undeniably the future
  • Priorities change across different age brackets and wealth brackets
  • Blind spots remain
  • Spotlight has been on ‘E’, but ‘S’ & ‘G’ are coming into focus
  • Investors are growing stronger in their beliefs
  • ESG myths remain


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