Insight guide - Covid, Brexit and tax: the impact on real estate funds

Throughout the pandemic, the real estate sector has demonstrated its resilience, showing its ability to adapt and survive. And yet, the effect on the industry as a whole has still been devastating.

The retail and leisure sectors were heaviest hit, and the office market has also suffered badly. Only the logistics sector seems to have actually benefited from the pandemic. What has been truly remarkable though has been the way in which many property companies have pivoted their business models to survive.

Many property funds have also started to restructure. In part, that is down to recent changes to capital gains tax, but is also in response to the fact that the types of assets that funds are acquiring has shifted.

Smith & Williamson and Property Week are proud to unveil their latest Insight Guide, assessing the Covid-effect on tax and investment. With the dual impact of Brexit, this guide reveals how the real estate industry is evolving with the times, demonstrating its resilience and agility in a bid to future-proof asset classes.

Topics covered include:

  • Why tax efficiency is crucial on the road to Covid recovery
  • London agency REDD on the resilience of prime residential
  • Expert comment on the changing real estate tax landscape


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Key issues facing the property sector

The past year has brought significant and unexpected challenges for the property industry. Property Week, in association with Smith & Williamson, brings together a panel of experts to discuss the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic and the long-term repercussions for the property industry. From green buildings to agile working, they look at how tenants’ priorities have changed and the opportunities for developers in the ‘new normal'.

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2021 Version Rhs

What can be done to save the high street?

Heading into 2020, British high streets were already struggling. Then the Covid-19 pandemic struck, accelerating the rise of online retail. Our panel of experts, in association with Property Week, give their views on how we arrived at this unhappy place - and how we can get out of it.

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Real estate

The need to continually adapt to address changing regulations and financial or market risks is a challenge experienced by real estate, construction and infrastructure companies across the globe - all of this while meeting the challenges of investing, expanding and achieving sustainable growth.

Smith & Williamson’s dedicated group is a leading advisor to ambitious businesses in the real estate and construction sector. We have the local, national and global capabilities to help firms succeed at all stages of their lifecycle.

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