Insight guide: Strategic sites offer huge potential

Given the lengthy timeframes involved, strategic land projects are, if not immune, then certainly shielded from the storms currently raging against the wider economy.

No matter the extreme times we find ourselves living in, it remains important to get everything right from the beginning on a strategic land project, whether that is pulling together the right site with the right landowners or navigating the planning system.

The potential for strategic sites is huge and Smith & Williamson and Property Week have compiled a special insight guide highlighting the wide range of parties involved in strategic land and future trends for the sector.

Topics covered included:

  • Collaboration on strategic site promotion
  • Working with LPAs
  • How MMC can boost housing delivery
  • Developing wellbeing in strategic land sites
  • Community engagement in placemaking
A few thoughts on VAT for commercial property landlords

A few thoughts on VAT for commercial property landlords

25/06/2020 - The woes of the Coronavirus pandemic have been well reported over recent months, but commercial landlords still need to give thought to how they might mitigate its impact.

Tenants and landlords: Collaborative solutions in tough times

Tenants and landlords: Collaborative solutions in tough times

[Updated 15/05/2020] - This is a uniquely difficult time for many commercial tenants and landlords. The British Property Federation (BPF) alongside its landlord members are working with retail, leisure and hospitality tenant businesses in distress together with other tenants affected by an immediate loss of revenue following the lockdown.


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The changing role of strategic land

Property Week in association with Smith & Williamson brought together a panel of experts to discuss the role of strategic land in the wider development industry. They talked about the impact of lockdown and the changes they expect to see post-Covid-19, the importance of physical environment to wellbeing and mental health, how people’s priorities have changed and the opportunities for developers in the ‘new normal’.

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Strategic land: the challenge of multiple owners

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Strategic Land - Land Pooling Trusts

Strategic Land - Land Pooling Trusts

by Ray Abercromby - While COVID-19 has changed much of the world that we know, some issues remain the same. There is little shift, for example, in the shortage of housing stock in the UK, particularly in England.

Strategic Land – when is it sold?

Strategic Land – when is it sold?

by Penelope Lang - When a developer buys strategic land, they often pay for the land as they take possession. The date for payment of capital gains tax (CGT) depends on how the sale documents are drafted. Where land is sold as trading stock, the rules are different.

Saving the UK high street

Saving the UK high street

We discuss how planners and landlords can reimagine these shared spaces to meet the next generation of living, working and shopping needs, putting them at the heart of our communities.

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