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Are law firms really as healthy as they seem?

We have analysed the latest set of filed accounts for the top 50 UK law firms. Together with Legal Week, we explore the financial health of the profession.

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Are the UK’s top 50 law firms in good shape?

On the face of it, the legal market looks to be flourishing, with the top 50 firms generating revenues of over £17bn, but there are signs of fragility.

We look into the issues affecting the legal industry: is the amount of unpaid debt reaching dangerous levels? What might happen if another economic shock hits?

We provide in-depth analysis, in association with Legal Week, of law firm LLP accounts for the year 2017-2018. Using recently filed data from Companies House, we look at everything from debt levels to profit margins to partner capital to build robust insight into the health of the legal sector.


Giles Murphy on the latest LLP accounts

In conversation with Paul Hodkinson, editor of Legal Week, Head of Professional Practices Giles Murphy discusses the key issues affecting the UK’s top 50 law firms and what law firms could do to become more resilient.

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