IR35 update: Off payroll working

  • Date: 18 Sep 2019
  • Time: 17:00 - 19:30
  • Venue: Smith & Williamson, 25 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6AY

In our upcoming event, Smith & Williamson will be discussing the upcoming changes to the IR35 legislation on off-payroll working through an intermediary.  These new rules come into force for the private sector from April 2020 for all companies other than those considered small*

Transactions Advisory

Following the release of the legislation earlier this month, we have more clarity on the rules and how these will operate and the seminar will cover:

  • Why you should be paying attention to IR35
  • What changes have been reflected in the recently released legislation and the implications for businesses
  • What you can do to address weaknesses and risks in your processes
  • How you can protect against the risk of losing competitive advantage when competing for talent

Who should join?

  • Companies that are not considered to meet the definition of a “Small Company”, which are involved with contractors via Personal Service Companies.
  • Intermediaries that pay Personal Service companies.
    *A company is “small” if it meets 2 of the following conditions: turnover < £10.2m, Balance sheet total < £5.1m, employees < 50

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