Fraudulent activity

We take the threat of fraud seriously and have policies and procedures in place to protect our clients and investors.

We ask you - as clients, investors and business partners - to remain vigilant to the risk of fraud and fraudulent communications to help us in the global fight against fraud.

We urge you in particular to stay alert to the dangers of investment fraud, even if documents or websites refer to genuine products and appear legitimate. Any potential investors should exercise extreme caution. Smith & Williamson will take no responsibility for any potential losses you may incur.

We can confirm that these are not Smith & Williamson email addresses:

  • info@smithandwilliamsonltd[.]co[.]uk
  • info@capitalncl[.]com

We are also aware that fraudsters may be using the following website or domain(s) to try and defraud the public. We confirm this domain is not a Smith & Williamson one and that emails received from any addresses using this domain are not from Smith & Williamson.


We are aware that members of the public are approached by individuals pretending to be employees or representatives of Smith & Williamson, or even impersonating some of our employees,  with Capital Gain Tax calculation invoices on Cryptocurrency gains, “in accordance with AML/KYC Act 2022” . These invoices are signed by individuals typically posing as “Ami Jack” and “David Cobb”.

Usually once these invoices are received, another fraudulent firm unrelated to Smith and Williamson contacts the persons who have received these invoices for payment collection.These firms are likely to be fraudulent and clones of other FCA regulated firms. They may provide altered/photoshopped screenshots of the firm’s FCA registration and authorised individuals acting on their behalf to convince that they are legitimate.

Please do not engage with the sender if you receive such invoices or any communications relating to Cryptocurrencies tax calculations from Smith and Williamson.  Smith and Williamson will never send such invoices to members of the public or ask you for payment.


  • smithswilliamson[.]com


  • smithandwilliamsonline[.]com


  • capitalncl[.]com

In addition, we are aware that an advance fee fraud letter is in use, whereby someone presenting themselves usually (but not exclusively) as “Mr Frank Raymond, the Auditor General, Smith & Williamson Holdings Limited” attempts to trick the recipient into paying a fee to unlock access to the account of a supposedly deceased client with the promise of substantial financial reward. Please note this is a scam and we confirm there is no such person working for Smith & Williamson.

If you are in any doubt regarding the legitimacy of any communication purporting to be from Smith & Williamson, please refer to the information provided on this webpage in the first instance or contact the following email address:

Where appropriate, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and/or Action Fraud have been made aware of these issues.

Further information can also be found at

If you have lost money as a result of a scam, you should contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit

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