Landed estates

Supporting families and trustees throughout critical periods in the life of a landed or rural estate is something we have done for over a century. We aim to help you enhance the legacy you can leave to future generations through pragmatic, honest advice and the initiative and commitment of our professionals.

Landed Estates

Through working with 170 landed estates and 1,500 trusts UK wide, our dedicated team is close to the issues that matter to our clients and the array of complex, and often competing, priorities they face today.

Using this knowledge, our partner-led teams take an experienced and holistic view of the opportunities and risks presented to landowners, helping you to implement effective long term strategies.

In many cases, the performance and sustainability of a landed estate can be greatly enhanced by maximising alternative sources of income, efficient investment structuring and the robust management of tax liabilities and liquidity requirements.

Clients ranging from large, historic family estates to more recently-acquired landed estates, family-owned rural businesses and farms benefit from our multi-disciplinary advice covering:

Bringing together this expertise under one roof means that we can bring new energy to landed and rural estates, helping you to preserve the best of their heritage by planning effectively for the future.

Our credentials


You will benefit from a co-ordinated, multi-discipline service from our specialist partner-led team, many of whom have been with us their entire career. This exceptional continuity of service allows the development of deep relationships and understanding and ensures continued excellence of service.


With experience of over 170 landed estates, the successive owners of some of the UK’s most historically significant and complex properties trust us to help them manage their estates effectively and deliver change successfully.


To see a difference, you need an advisor who is close to the issues that matter to you, your business and your community. Our team has access to our company’s full range of accountancy, tax, financial planning and investment management services, ensuring we can implement strategies that will have a real impact on your estate.


Our sole focus is on improving the long term performance and sustainability of your estate. We work as a part of, not apart from, an estate’s wider advisory team and always act in your best interests.

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