Professional practices

Strategies for talent–led businesses including law and accountancy firms, consultancies, patent attorneys, surveyors, actuaries and architects must skilfully weigh opportunity and risk against an increasingly uncertain future.

Ambitious or cautious, professional practices need an advisor who understands the complexity and dynamism of their often mature, highly regulated, business environments.

Giles Murphy , Partner - Head of Professional practices

Whether you are ambitious or cautious, your advisor must be focussed, knowledgeable and close to the issues and markets that matter to you.

Aspiring boutiques and mid-market practices have repeatedly benefitted from the expertise of our dedicated, multi-disciplinary team. We marry expertise for tackling broad strategic issues with exceptional technical execution on challenges including:

  • Aligning business planning to strategic goals
  • Structuring and restructuring for growth
  • Talent retention and management
  • Succession planning and retirement

How we can help

  • Accounting and assurance: Providing accounting advice and comfort on your firm’s financial reporting.
  • Tax compliance and advice: Preparing and submitting your firm’s and partners’ annual tax returns, along with advising on the tax impact of various transactions and structures.
  • Regulatory: Providing SRA or other regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Funding: Advising on finance options, including optimal partner funding, improving lock-up management and securing external investment.
  • Employee benefits: Retaining talent by enhancing your employee benefits offering.
  • Partners’ finances: A full range of financial planning and investment advice to provide enhanced financial security.
  • Profit sharing: Advising on profit sharing strategies to drive desired behaviours..
  • Incorporation: Assisting with the incorporation of a partnership as a company or LLP.
  • M&A: Assisting with mergers and acquisitions, including target due diligence, sources of funding, structuring and post-deal implementation.

Our credentials

Your firm will benefit from a co-ordinated, cross-discipline service from our specialist professional practices team. We have more than 50 partners, directors and staff, providing all-round accounting, tax, business, financial planning and investment advice tailored to your needs.

With experience of more than 100 professional practice clients across the UK, we have the expertise to help steer your management team through your firm’s unique challenges, to enable you to effect change successfully.

Our active involvement with influential trade and industry bodies such as the Association of Partnership Practitioners ensures we are closely connected to the issues and concerns of professional practices and can innovate to address them.

Forward thinking
We seek not just to solve, but anticipate the challenges professional practices face. Our insight programme condenses these issues and shines light on solutions for clients, meeting the challenges together.


Top 50 LLP accounts analysed

An in-depth analysis in association with Legal Week
law practice Read analysis

Contact us

Giles Murphy profile image
Giles Murphy

Head of Professional Practices, Head of Business Interests London +44 (0)20 7131 4369

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