Election 2019

As the 2019 General Election approaches and the debate over the country’s future intensifies, one thing is certain: tax is, as always, a key battleground amongst the parties. The proposals put forward include major overhauls of long-established tax systems, although it is very difficult to predict which tax policies may come into force in any new Government’s first Budget.

We are analysing the manifestos of the major political parties and will draw out the key points that underpin their plans for taxing individuals and businesses. You will find summaries below that outline these policies, split between businesses and private clients. We also suggest some particular areas to consider in the run up to the election and soon after. Do check back as we will continue to update the page as further manifestos are published.

Whatever the outcome is on 12 December 2019, history shows that tax is likely to be high on the agenda of the new Government.



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