Jamie Waller, a serial entrepreneur



Jamie Waller, a serial entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an author and another successful business grower. In this episode we hear Jamie’s story, how and why he became an entrepreneur. What inspired him along the way, and what were some of his darkest days.

For Jamie Waller, founder of JBW, Hito, SMYL and Firestarters, leaving school at 16 and realising he needed to make money was a great lesson and gave him a head start in entrepreneurship. He has spent his life building 'unsexy' businesses. He talks to Nick Travis about jhow, why and what next.


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Unsexy business book:


The Prince’s Trust:

The Prince’s Trust helps tens of thousands of young people turn their lives around every year through free programmes that offer financial, practical and emotional support.


The IMPS Online:

Dedicated to educating children through, though not exclusively, their leisure time activities, this is delivered by a disciplined, dynamic and challenging programme of activities with a world-famous motorcycle display team at its heart.


Founder of Just.:

Integrate with the high court enforcement industry so that you don’t have to


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This episode was recorded on 03/02/2020

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