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In our new Family Wealth Show, we discuss over the course of three episodes findings and insights from our latest biennial Family Business Survey. In this episode Rupert Phelps, Partner of Family Wealth Services discusses the governance landscape for family businesses.

Key questions raised in this episode:

1. [1:40] What did the survey reveal about attitudes to governance?

2. [3:15] Do most families have governance structures in place? If so, which are most common?

3. [4.28] From your experience, what galvanises families into implementing new governance procedures?

4. [5:55] Where should families start when implementing new governance procedures and how have you seen different family approaching it?

5. [7:30] Which areas do you believe are particularly important?

6. [9:00] How can families assess what is working and what isn’t?

You can read the full Family Business Survey here:

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Family Wealth Show

This episode was recorded on  23/02/2020

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Family Wealth Show: Family governance, do I need one?

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