The UK Autumn Budget 2021


The Autumn Budget has maintained a relatively steady ship, with no major announcements in several tax areas. Focus remains on keeping the UK a competitive place for business and encouraging innovation to lead to economic growth.

In today’s special episode on the UK Autumn Budget, we highlight what the key changes can mean for you personally and for your business:

Business Taxes

  • Residential property developer tax rate confirmed 4%
  • The annual investment allowance of £1 million will continue until March 2023
  • Enhanced and extended cultural reliefs
  • Following a consultation on the R&D tax incentive schemes, two major changes have been announced:
    • Expenditure relating to cloud computing and data will be included within eligible spend
    • The wider scheme is being reformed to better support and incentivise innovation taking place in the UK, and not that undertaken overseas.

The full details of these changes are set to be announced in late Autumn.

Income taxes & Capital Taxes

  • No major changes for income tax, CGT, or IHT were included in the Budget
  • Key change is the previously announced 1.25% increase to dividend tax rates and NIC
  • The continuing freeze on the personal allowance and income tax rate bands is likely to see more taxpayers start to exceed the personal allowance and creep into paying higher rates of tax.
  • Despite speculation that this Budget could include significant changes to CGT or IHT, announcements to capital taxes were minimal. The OTS recommended much more extensive reforms to both the CGT and IHT regimes. The Treasury has been under significant strain and is unlikely to have had the opportunity to consider these recommendations, but reform cannot be ruled out in the future. It may be worth considering what future changes could mean for you, for example, whether to accelerate the sale of assets or pass assets down to the next generation.

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This episode was recorded on  1/11/2021


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