Developing your business


The difficulties facing developing businesses may sound familiar - owner dependency, a lack of adequate funding and insufficient time or resources.

For many entrepreneurs, the transition from working in the business to working on the business can be hard, so having successfully started your business, don't fall at the second fence.

We can help. With our diverse and entrepreneurial client base, we have almost always seen it before.

Some questions for you to consider...

  • Do you have a strong and effective management team?
  • Does your business plan set key milestones and objectives?
  • Do your staff have clear lines of authority and responsibility?
  • Are your tangible and intangible assets properly protected?
  • Do you have strong accounting and financial controls?
  • Could the business survive a downturn in the market?
  • Do you have the right external advisers?

By necessity, this briefing can only provide a short overview and it is essential to seek professional advice before applying the contents of this article. This briefing does not constitute advice nor a recommendation relating to the acquisition or disposal of investments. No responsibility can be taken for any loss arising from action taken or refrained from on the basis of this publication. Details correct at time of writing.

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