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  • Written By: Ben Mitchell
  • Published: Fri, 05 Oct 2018 13:55 GMT


RationalFX is a leading global payments and foreign exchange provider, having processed over £8bn in international payments to 55 countries for more than 100,000 clients since 2005. Starting out with just a laptop and $3,000, RationalFX has grown, without any borrowing or external investment, into one of Europe’s key international payment providers. Based in Canary Wharf, with a team of over 80, it is fully regulated and authorised by the FCA to operate anywhere in the EU.

RationalFX has a strong history of sales growth - in 2014, it had reported growth of 23%, and 65% in 2015, meaning sales growth in 2015 was almost three times that of 2014. With a turnover of over £1.3bn in 2016, RationalFX is continuing to grow, helping private and business clients to achieve better exchange rates and improved service. This growth has allowed it to gain an increasingly larger market share.

RationalFX: “Winning this award would demonstrate to other companies that it is possible to grow and develop into a strong position as a business in an increasingly competitive landscape, while keeping a clear emphasis on our promise of delivering on price and a superior service.”

Smith & Williamson: “RationalFX have continued a long run of growth and continue to expand. Innovation through their 'pay as much as you like' platform, XendPay, is to be commended for its ethical benefits. A true entrepreneurial story.”

Shopper Media Group

Shopper Media Group are the UK's leading shopper media business, offering a unique collaborative approach that brings retailers and brands together to deliver exceptional results. It delivers intelligent media solutions.

The business started with just two people and £1,000 in 2009 and now employs over 90 full time employees. In the last three years the team has increased in size by 300%, delivering a fourfold increase in turnover and an eighteen times growth in profit in a flat market

Shopper Media Group: “Our strategy is all about growth: our growth starts with our people, who grow the effectiveness of their clients' campaigns, which in turn grows the clients' spend. That spend grows our business, our profit and our contribution to the economy and our communities.”

Smith & Williamson: “Shopper Media Group has shown outstanding performance in several categories. Its growth in staff, revenue and profitability are individually impressive and even more so in combination. What’s even more impressive is that they have grown in a relatively stagnant market and without external funding.”

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