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The R&D corporation tax relief scheme is a key part of the government’s strategy to promote innovation and sustainable economic growth in the UK.

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In recognition of the significant economic contribution made by small businesses, the scheme offers particularly generous rewards to small and medium-sized enterprises. They can claim cash repayments of up to 33% of their qualifying R&D expenditure – dramatically boosting cash flow and enabling businesses to invest in their growth.

Use our R&D calculator to see how much your business could reclaim

What counts as qualifying R&D expenditure?

A common misconception is that R&D tax relief is limited to highly technical activity and the development of completely original products. The reality is that because the aim of the regime is to encourage innovation, it can also include the following.

  • Processes and systems to be used within a business, e.g. developing a bespoke trading platform or CRM system.
  • The effort of developing a process or product that already exists, but where the method of development is not readily available and where there is an element of technological uncertainty, such as with the development of apps.
  • Making improvements and/or enhancements to existing products or processes, where doing so involves technological uncertainty, e.g. making substantial improvements to a digital inventory system.
  • Activities integral to the overall trade of a business which, by seeking to innovate, resolves technological uncertainty, e.g. a construction company investing in developing a method of making the erection of buildings more precise and efficient.

How we can help

Our R&D team is headed by Matt Watts, a leading expert in R&D tax relief. He and his team can work with you to determine exactly how much you can claim. Our initial consultations are free and without obligation.

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