VAT services

Staying on top of VAT is essential to help avoid stiff penalties for non-compliance and late filing, while also helping to improve cashflow and profitability.

VAT Services

VAT affects a range of business functions, with wide variations in the rules depending on your business activities and sector. It is essential you have specialist advice to ensure your business is compliant and to help with complex capital projects or transactions to minimise your tax exposure.

With increasing scrutiny from tax authorities, it’s vital you have the right advice should you want to dispute a VAT assessment or negotiate a settlement with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Meeting your needs


You’ll have access to highly experienced VAT specialists offering jargon-free VAT advice in areas such as financial services, property development and cross-border trade.


Our VAT specialists use their expertise and in-depth knowledge to solve your VAT problems, prevent disputes and offer original solutions.


You’ll get a very personal service tailored to the precise tax needs of your business.


We have extensive experience negotiating with HMRC, with whom we have an excellent working relationship.

How we can help

  • Transactions: Review of VAT treatment and maximising VAT recovery.
  • Structuring: Advising on the VAT treatment of complex transactions, contracts and business structures, including the impact of anti-avoidance legislation.
  • Exemption: Designing and maintaining partial exemption methods.
  • International: Managing VAT and indirect taxes on cross-border transactions, advising on import and export issues and helping overseas companies recover UK VAT.
  • Compliance: Helping you with VAT returns and other compliance work.
  • Registration: Registering your business for VAT/VAT grouping.
  • Inspections: Assisting with VAT audits and inspections.

Our credentials


Our team includes sector specialists and former VAT inspectors with an intimate knowledge of how HMRC operates.

Track record

We have been involved in a number of VAT cases, but we also have an excellent record of negotiating with HMRC to settle disputes.


We have access to an international network of professionals through our membership of Nexia International, providing global reach and local knowledge wherever you do business.


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