Shaping family financial strategy

A family’s relationship with its businesses and financial interests can be complex and the distinction between ownership and management can sometimes become blurred.

Shaping Family Financial Strategy

As experienced professionals, we work diligently to ensure that structure and strategy align to deliver in the best interests of your family over the long term.

The expertise we leverage ranges from:

  • creating family constitutions, governance and mission statements to codify relationships between family members and generations
  • facilitating family meetings to discuss your situation and wealth management strategy
  • explain more complex financial issues and assisting in financial education across generations
  • acting as a neutral third party.

Meeting your needs


We’ll help you put a clear family governance structure in place, setting out your objectives, roles and responsibilities. A written family constitution can often help to avoid misunderstanding and conflict between family members.


We can structure family meetings with the goal of fostering a sense of direction and unity for the whole family as well as working with individual family members on their own financial affairs.


Regular and effective communication is the key to a successful family office service. You’ll get regular personalised financial asset summary reports and valuations to keep you up to date with your financial circumstances.


We strongly advocate investing in financial literacy and engagement in family businesses. We assist the next generations of a family by encouraging education in financial matters to address the needs of individual family members as well as the whole.


Many families have longstanding relationships with other trusted advisers. We understand the importance of these relationships and of working collaboratively with your family’s lawyers, trustees and other advisers.

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