Succession planning

Passing on significant private capital in a considered manner is a critical part of any family’s financial strategy.

Succession Planning

To plan for succession, owners and inheritors need a clear vision of what is trying to be achieved and the means to bring it about.

Families with strong governance structures or constitutions are better placed to tackle difficult decisions or unexpected changes and ultimately protect their assets.

With the right structure and governance in place, you and your family can make important decisions on the destination of your family’s wealth and establish the optimal vehicles to achieve your objectives.

Planning should begin early, whether you’re passing on capital to future generations, or considering a philanthropic endowment. Aside from structuring, consideration should be given to managing expectations and educating the next generation to understand their responsibilities.

How we can help

  • Structuring: We help create bespoke structures outlining and codifying the rights and responsibilities of family office stakeholders.
  • Tax and estate planning: Guiding you through multi-jurisdictional estate planning and tax issues, including the use of appropriate structures.
  • Legal issues: Keeping the family abreast of the financial aspects of changes in family law, such as prenuptial agreements or divorce.
  • Philanthropy: Helping you develop a suitable approach to charitable patronage and endowments to ensure that your family’s investments are impactful.
  • Education: We strongly advocate investing in financial literacy and engagement in family businesses. We assist the next generation with education programmes to ensure they can live with, and act as, the future guardians of a financial legacy.

Meeting your needs


You’ll benefit from a single point of contact who can draw on the knowledge of our team of experienced advisers. We’ll work closely with your existing advisers, such as lawyers and trustees, to ensure a coherent approach.


We can help ensure all family members understand how the family’s assets will be passed on. We’ll also help with the financial education of the younger generation, developing the skills they’ll need as future guardians of your family’s capital.


We’ll help you handle succession issues for family members living and working overseas. We can work with local advisers, find you the right assistance and help you co-ordinate any non-resident, non-domiciled or taxation requirements.

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