Forensic technology

Do you face e-disclosure challenges when building a litigation case? Do you need expert help in locating digital evidence as part of your investigation?

Forensic Technology

Data is critical to any business. Using electronically stored data as evidence now takes centre stage in many litigation cases, regulatory enquiries and internal investigations.

However, locating this critical digital information can often involve wading through millions of items of electronic data and take up valuable time and resources. Having advisers with the right experience, technical expertise and commercial approach can help you and your legal team navigate this data minefield quickly and cost effectively.

Our approach


Our team is not only technically adept but commercially minded, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.


At the heart of our e-disclosure solution is IPRO Enterprise, an integrated modular software system that allows us to host and access large amounts of data, and which could save you time and money.


We can respond quickly to your needs and mobilise a team to act on a case immediately if required.


Our team’s flexible approach means we are less process-driven than some of our competitors, allowing us to deliver cost-efficient solutions proportionate to the case.

How we can help

  • E-disclosure: Providing focused and scalable solutions to issues surrounding the recovery, retention, investigation and presentation of electronic data, both in investigations and during the disclosure process.
  • Litigation: Supporting investigations in large criminal and civil litigation cases and ensuring evidence conforms to relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Fraud and financial crime: Offering a complete forensic investigation service including fraud, asset tracing, and regulatory and disciplinary investigations.
  • Competition investigations: Our team can advise organisations subject to a competition investigation on the requirements around electronically stored data.
  • Expert witness: Providing expert evidence to the courts on forensic technology matters.

Our credentials

Best practice

We are members of the First Forensic Forum (F3) of forensic computing practitioners.


Our team comprises former police officers, and forensic technology experts with over 30 combined years’ experience in fraud and forensic accounting services.


We have carried out numerous investigations covering litigation, internal investigations and regulatory requests.

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