Valuation services in divorce proceedings

Most family lawyers will be familiar with how complex the valuation of a disputed business interest can be in divorce proceedings.

Valuation Services In Divorce Proceedings

This is particularly the case where there is a disparity between the respective spouses’ knowledge and understanding of the financial issues at stake. Navigating this sensitive area requires accurate and transparent valuations that can be relied on in court.

It’s also important to work with a forensic accountant who understands pressures and deadlines – whether set by the court or the client’s circumstances – and is available when needed to answer any queries.

Our approach


You’ll have direct access to senior level experts who’ll take a leading and hands-on role throughout the process. This can be a big advantage if the adviser is required to act as an expert witness.


Our joined-up approach means that, along with forensic valuation experts, we can provide access to senior-level pensions, investments and tax experts from across our diverse business.


We understand the need to control legal and accounting costs in disputes and our approach is proportionate and flexible to meet the needs of each individual case.

How we can help

  • Valuations: Working with family lawyers where business valuations are required, whether acting as a party-appointed expert or as single joint expert.
  • Specialist advice: Offering a range of expertise covering pensions, personal tax and trust accounting.
  • Expert witness: Giving evidence in court and arbitrations, and assisting in mediations or the collaborative process.
  • Shadow expert: Helping to interpret valuations prepared by third parties, drafting requests for additional explanations and answering any questions that might arise.

Our credentials


We have delivered numerous valuation reports in matrimonial cases over the last 12 years.

Best practice

We are affiliate members of Resolution and are committed to developing and promoting best practice standards.

Thought leaders

Our directors regularly present at seminars and provide training sessions to leading lawyers on valuing assets in divorce cases.

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