Valuations in commercial disputes

The need for valuations expertise covers a wide range of commercial disputes including contractual claims, shareholder and partnership disputes, post-acquisition disputes and intellectual property disputes.

Valuations In Commercial Disputes

Parties to a commercial dispute may need to assess the value of share capital or assets, quantify potential damages or rebut any claimed damages. The stakes can be high, which makes the choice of a valuations expert a critical decision for the success of a case.

Working with an expert who can explain complex valuation principles in accessible terms and provide clear advice on the best way to proceed is crucial to the favourable outcome of a case.

Meeting your needs


Providing you with commercially sound valuations that are able to withstand the scrutiny of other experts and the rigours of a court or arbitral hearing.


Our experts have extensive experience of explaining complex commercial and valuation issues to a lay audience.


You’ll have access to our long-established quantum expert practice and other technical experts from across our diverse business, such as our in-house forensic technology and e-disclosure team, audit and tax teams.


Our named experts take a leading and hands-on role in the detail of cases, meaning they’re ideally placed to give effective oral testimony in simple, clear terms – no matter how complex the dispute.

How we can help

  • Assessment of damages
  • Business valuations
  • Intellectual property valuations
  • Preparation or rebuttal of expert witness valuation reports
  • Assessment of offer prices to squeeze out shareholders
  • Assessment of the impact of misstatement in financial statements
  • Valuations in cases such as post-acquisition disputes, unjust enrichment, unfair prejudice and misrepresentation
  • Intellectual property disputes

Our credentials


We have access to an international network of experts through our membership of Nexia International and are members of arbitration associations around the world.

Track record

We have carried out numerous valuations in commercial disputes over more than 25 years.

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