Fund prices

Fund name Unit/Share type ISIN code Currency Price Price date Yield (%)
Onshore fund range (priced at 12 noon each UK business day)
MM Endurance Balanced Fund - B class Income GB00B43LJX34 GBP p 166.40 24/01/2022 1.02
MM Global Investment Fund - B share class Income GB00B89C3K35 GBP p 186.20 24/01/2022 1.99
Offshore fund range recognised in UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (priced at 11.59pm each Irish business day)
Defensive Growth Fund - A class Income IE00B0350Q72 GBP p 2258.43 21/01/2022 N/A
Defensive Growth Fund - B class Income IE00B7SMSG88 GBP p 154.55 21/01/2022 0.40
Mid Ocean World Investment Fund A Income IE00BKZGHN44 USD ¢ 550.15 21/01/2022 N/A
Mid Ocean World Investment Fund B Accumulation IE00BKZGHP67 GBP p 1.95 21/01/2022 N/A
Mid Ocean World Investment Fund C Income IE00BZ01RP17 USD ¢ 562.04 21/01/2022 N/A
Mid Ocean World Investment Fund D Income IE00BZ01RQ24 GBP p 1.99 21/01/2022 N/A

All fund yields shown are unaudited and calculated on a monthly basis as at the most recent month-end available, with the exception of the Cash Fund yield which is calculated daily.

For all equity funds the yield shown is an historic yield; for all bond funds (i.e. the Smith & Williamson Fixed Interest Fund) the yield shown is a distribution yield. The yield shown for the Smith & Williamson Cash Fund is a 12 month yield. In-line with industry standards regarding different types of fund, some yield figures are not shown net of basic rate tax. For further information on how the yields shown are calculated and to confirm the latest figures, please contact Smith & Williamson Investment Management.

Please note that the above prices are for information purposes only and are not necessarily the price at which the funds can be bought or sold. All of our funds operate on a forward pricing basis, and any instruction received to buy or sell units or shares receives the next available price. Past performance is not a guide to the future. Investors may not get back the amount invested.

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