Enterprise Fund

Enterprise Fund

Fund aim

The Fund aims to achieve positive returns on a rolling 12 months basis, with lower risk and low volatility expected, primarily through the use of equities and CFDs. The Fund invests primarily in the United Kingdom. The Fund’s proposition is that it is a UK focused long/short fund. The Fund’s performance reference is SONIA+4% per annum, irrespective of market conditions, although this is not guaranteed.

The Fund is a UCITS scheme (FCA Recognised) launched on 15 January 2010 with the transfer of assets from the Cayman-domiciled Smith & Williamson Enterprise Fund.

The unregulated scheme was launched on 3 April 2006.

Other share classes of this Fund are available. For further information, please contact Pooled Funds Enquiries on 020 7131 8100.

Fund managers

Mark Boucher

Mark is the head of UK equities and co-manager of the Smith & Williamson Enterprise Fund and UK Equity Growth Fund.

He spent six years as an institutional stockbroker after training at Wedd Durlacher. In 1992 Mark joined Leopold Joseph & Sons, where he was the fund manager of a UK long/short equity fund from its inception in 1998, before joining Smith & Williamson from 2006 to 2009 as co-manager of the firm’s Enterprise Fund.

Mark left to run UK monies for a US multi-strategy hedge fund before returning in January 2013 as head of UK equities.

Mark Swain

Mark moved to Smith & Williamson in 2005 along with Mark Boucher and Rupert Fleming to set up the Smith & Williamson Enterprise Fund. The three had previously been at Leopold Joseph working on UK funds including a long/short fund, with Mark joining the firm in 2001.

His main roles at Smith & Williamson include generation of investment ideas, fundamental stock analysis, portfolio construction and fund marketing.

Mark is part of the team managing Smith & Williamson’s UK institutional funds, Enterprise Fund (long/short) and UK Growth Fund.

Capital at risk. The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the original amount invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Further information is available in the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), the risk section of the Fund’s prospectus and the Fund Factsheet. Please read the KIID before making any investment decision.

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