Passing on your estate

With rising property prices bringing even modest homes into the inheritance tax net, careful planning may be required to ensure that your loved-ones aren’t left with nasty surprises when you pass on your estate.

Passing On Your Estate

Prudent financial planning entails having strategies in place to manage the effect of inheritance tax on your pension fund - which could form a significant portion of your wealth - as well as your properties and investments in the event of your death.

You also need to be confident your executors have the flexibility they need to distribute your estate appropriately.

Our approach


You’ll get a very personal service, sensitive to your precise needs and designed to help you make the right decisions to manage the effect of inheritance tax on your estate.


You’ll have direct access to our highly qualified team who’ll provide expert advice on options such as lifetime gifts, trusts and life assurance.


Our joined-up approach means you’ll have access to specialist advice from relevant experts from across our diverse business, for example on trust and executorship issues.

How we can help

  • Review: Looking at whether and how your pension and investments are affected by inheritance tax in the event of death.
  • Wills: Advising on how wills should be drafted to ensure that your long-term wishes for succession are dealt with appropriately.
  • Planning: Developing future strategies through the use of lifetime gifts, trusts and life insurance, incorporating all available reliefs and exemptions.
  • Administration: Minimising the administrative burden of any trusts and keeping all relevant information up to date and secure.
  • Trustee services: Acting as trustees or executors of deceased persons’ estates or advising trustees on fulfilling their duties.

Our credentials


We act as trustees of a wide range of family and charitable trusts and as executors of deceased persons’ estates.


Our team comprises qualified chartered financial planners, as well as chartered accountants, chartered tax advisers and affiliates of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners.

Word of mouth

The majority of new clients come to us as a result of referrals from satisfied clients.

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