Trust and estate planning

Succession planning can create complex and sensitive issues requiring both specialist knowledge and considerable care and tact.

Trusts And Estate Planning

Although changes to tax rules have made trusts less attractive as the vehicle of choice for family wealth governance, with the right support, they can still have a part to play in planning for your family’s financial future.

Trusts have historically played a significant role in estate planning. As an experienced trustee, we can ensure that duties and responsibilities are properly fulfilled, whether acting for a small trust with a single asset, a portfolio of investments or large trusts holding shares in private trading companies.

As well as help you stay on top of your tax obligations, we can also advise you on rule changes and disclosure requirements, such as FATCA and the Common Reporting Standards regime.

Meeting your needs


You’ll have access to our highly experienced team of trustees who provide a very personal and timely service tailored to your precise tax needs.


We work closely with your existing advisers such as lawyers, investment managers and land agents.


We have lots of experience acting as an ‘honest broker’ in the case of a dispute, working to educate all parties, manage relationships and achieve the desired outcome.


Our range of services include investment management and specialist share valuation advice.

How we can help

  • Planning: Setting out a clear vision for how you will achieve your financial goals.
  • Reviews: Regularly reviewing your succession plan to keep up with rule changes and ensure you and the trust get the maximum benefit from any relevant reliefs.
  • Advice: Advising on the use of trusts and other structures and the designing of your will to ensure that your long-term wishes for succession are dealt with appropriately.
  • Trustees and executors: Helping trustees and executors fulfil their responsibilities including preparing high-quality clear accounts and submitting income and inheritance tax returns, while also acting as trustees through our trustee company, Smith & Williamson Trust Corporation.

Our credentials


We’ve been advising individuals, families and trusts since 1881.


We act for over 170 landed estates and around 1,500 trusts with assets ranging up to £1bn.


Smith & Williamson Trust Corporation Limited is a member of the Association of Corporate Trustees (TACT).


Named Eprivateclient Top 25 Trust Companies 2012, 13, 14, 15, 16

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