Reward and keep your best people

Your scale-up business needs great people to fuel its growth.

Suitable incentives and financial structures must be in place to attract and retain the best team. Our experts can help you set up the foundations to support this crucial aspect of scaling up a business, helping you to manage the tax, financial and HR implications of a growing team.

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Aim higher: talent to scale


Finding the right people is a key challenges. Rewarding and keeping them is quite another.

Many people undervalue or even misunderstand the benefits that their employers go to such great lengths to provide. Don't let your business be one of them.

Ensuring the relevant pensions and benefits arrangements are in place is critical to the success of any business. With employees increasingly looking beyond salary and focusing more on total rewards, offering and communicating the right mix of benefits will help to both attract and retain the best people and keep your team engaged and motivated.

We put you on the same page as your people.

No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you are playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.
Reid Hoffman , Co-Founder - LinkedIn



We will assess how you currently reward and retain talent

  • Reviewing your salary, bonus, equity and benefits mix against business ambitions
  • Mapping business and individual aspirations
  • Understanding the appetite for different types of incentives



We will develop an exclusive and company-wide reward strategy which:

  • Supports commercial drivers and is backed by KPIs
  • Considers how to minimise income and capital gains tax
  • Allows flexibility for new entrants


We will implement your desired solutions

  • Preparing documentation to facilitate your strategy
  • Communicating the plan to your stakeholders
  • Assisting with solution implementation


We will provide support for existing and new employees including

  • Financial education and workshops
  • Share valuations
  • Ongoing monitoring and compliance


Guides and information



How we can help you



Flexible benefits

Designing, implementing and managing flexible benefits packages through a powerful web-based platform.


Employee benefits consultancy

Assisting with the design, implementation, administration, and structuring and restructuring of employee benefits packages.



Brochures detailing our services for advisers, with performance summaries, market commentary, and application packs including terms and conditions.


Market Intelligence

In the 2018 ScaleUp Institute Annual Review, accessing new markets was listed as the second most important factor (after talent) for delivering growth in scale-ups – 79% identified it as vital or very important.


Pensions governance and administration

Offering a range of support and advice on auto-enrolment, re-enrolment, governance, default funds, benefits valuations, strategic analysis and general consultancy.

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Scale-up diagnostic tool

Are you ready to scale? Find out now by using our free scale-up diagnostic tool.

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