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Acquisition is a fast track to growth for many scale-up businesses

Acquisitions require a trusted adviser throughout the process, from framework and strategy, through due diligence and ultimate completion. Our advisers support the whole transaction to help a business realise the full benefits of an acquisition, while helping you manage risk.

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Many businesses grow organically, but others prefer a faster track: growth through acquisition.

Whilst acquisitions can significantly accelerate growth, a badly-managed or ill-conceived business process will destroy value far faster than it creates it.

Acquisitions are both an art and a science. Not only do they involve people and culture, but also an assessment of the commercial and financial benefits which are forecast to emerge.

An acquisition strategy may be favoured for many reasons, so it's important to understand yours.

What is it that you are seeking from the target company? Is it market access? Is it their IP? Or perhaps it's their people or their products? Whatever you do, you should only buy businesses you understand.

Planning for an acquisition requires patience, a cool head and a process to keep things on track.

As your trusted adviser, we will assist you with planning, negotiation, due diligence, risk and pricing. Where appropriate, we will highlight any areas of concern and work alongside you before, during and after the transaction to help you achieve your goals.

We’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Smith & Williamson handled the intricacies of the process impressively, providing hands-on support and advice throughout. Their experience of working with owner-managers on international processes and with technology businesses was invaluable.
Ben Mendoza , Founder - MDSL



We will assess your opportunity for acquisitions, including

  • Review of growth strategy and plan
  • Conducting high level market analysis
  • Ascertaining your risk appetite


We will develop your acquisition strategy and framework by

  • Building business plans and financial models
  • Validating commercial rationale for any proposed transactions
  • Reviewing cost/benefit analysis, risk management and ROI


We will implement the required support structure

  • Initiating target approach and communication
  • Preparing due diligence analysis and reports
  • Managing the transaction process and governance


We will support you post-implementation, in

  • Completing acquisition accounting and purchase price allocation
  • Reviewing ongoing working capital and requirements
  • Establishing employment incentives and engagement structures


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Whether you’re raising funds or seeking to sell or make an acquisition, looking to list or exploring expansion, the right advice and support could mean the difference between success and failure.



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In the 2018 ScaleUp Institute Annual Review, accessing new markets was listed as the second most important factor (after talent) for delivering growth in scale-ups – 79% identified it as vital or very important.



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