Source funds quickly

Access to funding is a priority for many businesses, as is retaining the right level of control

Gaining funding demands both expertise and experience, while getting the right funding mix and terms is essential.

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Raise faster: finance to scale


Not all businesses need access to external finance, but many growing businesses do.

Building infrastructure, financing working capital or simply targeting high revenue growth are all common reasons for businesses to raise funds. Ownership determines outcomes, so it's important to get it right. We help businesses identify their financing options, working with founders or their management teams to optimise their funding mix.

Growing businesses use a wide variety of finance – but getting the right mix isn’t always easy.

That's why we’re here to help you make the right choice.

Where appropriate, we will assess, review and consider a range of different options, working with you and your team to implement an agreed funding solution to accelerate your future growth.

No matter where you are on your funding journey, we’re here to advise and support you.

With the support of our corporate finance advisers at Smith & Williamson, we went through a rigorous selection process to make sure we had the right partner in place to help fund the next stage of our development.
Will Curtis , MD - Biggin Airport



We will assess your capital requirements over the short to medium term

  • Reviewing your funding and performance
  • Developing an understanding of your future needs
  • Considering your risk appetite


We will develop your funding action plan with you

  • Identifying your funding options
  • Instigating or reviewing business plans and financials
  • Determining a suitable timescale and governance process


We will implement an agreed funding solution

  • Designing and developing your commercial and financial position
  • Marketing to targeted investors
  • Leading detailed negotiations to optimise terms and price


We will support you through ongoing financing reviews

  • Monitoring your compliance with covenants
  • Helping you optimise your cashflow
  • Forecasting and forward planning



Guides and information

A range of guides and resources for scale-up businesses


How we can help you



Quoted companies

Helping to propel growth companies to the next level through IPOs and wide-ranging quoted company expertise.



Raising capital, managing portfolios and strong transactional support from our transactions team.


Strategic advisory

Helping you make the big decisions necessary to develop your business and implementing them effectively


Financial modelling

Preparing business plans, supporting fundraising ambitions and assisting in business sectors where specialist regulatory knowledge is required.



Expertise in valuation requirements for buying and selling a business, transferring shares, financing or restructuring and litigation and dispute resolution.

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Scale-up diagnostic tool

Are you ready to scale? Find out now by using our free scale-up diagnostic tool.


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