Professionalise your business

Fast, but sustainable, growth requires robust structures and processes to underpin your business

Structures, processes and governance may not be your daily bread. But it is ours. We partner with you and your business to embed the practices that will allow you to focus on making your business great.

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Work smarter: professionalise to scale


Growing businesses are often overly dependent upon their founders. Appointing a management team, learning the art of delegation, improving systems and processes... these are all part of professionalising a business, transforming founders from entrepreneurs into leaders.

Professionalising your business is complex and potentially risky. Go too far, and you can lose what makes you special; not far enough, and your business may be vulnerably exposed.

Through our experience of working with high growth businesses, we can help you identify the structures, systems, processes and governance that are the foundations for entrepreneurial success.

Where appropriate, we will connect you with our strategic alliance partners to provide added value and support - specialists in areas such as business planning, recruitment, IT, leadership training and HR.

Working with us means that there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Management works in the system; leadership works on the system.
Stephen R. Covey , Author - 7 habits of highly effective people



We will assess the efficiency and effectiveness of existing activities

  • Reviewing your organisational health
  • Considering management effectiveness in key operational areas
  • Identifying improvement and enhancement opportunities


We will develop a roadmap to improve internal operations and processes

  • Rating key areas of strategic, operational and financial risk and opportunity
  • Identifying business dependencies and solutions
  • Creating critical path and governance plans


We will implement agreed solutions

  • Delivering against agreed priorities
  • Managing and transitioning structural, resource and supply arrangements
  • Realising commercial and business benefits


We will support continuous operational enhancements through

• Regular engagement with a designated account manager
• KPI development
• Prioritising game-changing initiatives

Guides and information

Our guides for scale-up businesses looking to grow their business and their team sustainably


How we can help you



Business tax

Ever-changing legislation and a global crackdown on tax avoidance mean your business now operates in an increasingly challenging tax environment.


Financial modelling

Preparing business plans, supporting fundraising ambitions and assisting in business sectors where specialist regulatory knowledge is required.


Pensions and employee benefits

Ensuring the relevant pensions and benefits arrangements are in place to help attract and retain the best people is critical to the success of any business.


Strategic advisory

Helping you make the big decisions necessary to develop your business and implementing them effectively



Brochures detailing our services for advisers, with performance summaries, market commentary, and application packs including terms and conditions.


Market Intelligence

In the 2018 ScaleUp Institute Annual Review, accessing new markets was listed as the second most important factor (after talent) for delivering growth in scale-ups – 79% identified it as vital or very important.


Accounting and regulatory advice

​Keeping up to date with accounting and regulatory requirements in an ever-changing, complex environment is essential for your business.


Transaction and valuations services

Enabling clients to make clear, informed decisions on transactions, by better understanding avoidable risks

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Scale-up diagnosis tool

Are you ready to scale? Find out now by using our free scale-up diagnostic tool.


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