Bespoke financial planning

Selling your business is a life-changing event. Your lifestyle will be very different, away from the day-to-day running of the business. And it’s likely you’ll receive more cash than you've ever had before.

Whenever you experience significant change in your life, personal or financial, it’s a good idea to review your long-term financial plan. An injection of cash could be an opportunity for you to clear debt, purchase a property, make a gift, start a new business, take a career break, or plan an early retirement. But you'll be in a better position to decide if you first understand what may be possible in financial terms.

Understanding your situation 

Your circumstances, priorities and goals are unique. We'll take the time to understand your situation, including the timing of payments as you exit your business, whether as a lump sum or in instalments.

Analysing your long-term financial outlook before you sell your business will give you a better understanding of what your target sale price needs to be to achieve your goals, as well as allowing you to plan the timing of the sale.

With our cashflow forecasting software, we can build a picture of your financial future that includes all sources of income, investments, essential outgoings and commitments. Our plans are always based on assumptions tailored to you and will show how everything interacts over time.

Empowering you to make choices – cashflow forecasting 

Cashflow forecasting is the best way to explore your future options. We can adjust various aspects of your plan to see how it might affect other elements. For example, if you were to carry on as a consultant within the business, would the extra income mean you could retire earlier or achieve other objectives?

You may also have questions such as:

  • How long should I invest this sum of money for?
  • What sorts of investments might be appropriate?
  • What level of risk am I comfortable with for my investments?
  • Do I need to make specific provisions for later in life?

Smith & Williamson offers a truly unparalleled breadth of services for entrepreneurs and can support you from start-up to exit and long into the future. After the inevitable stress of selling your business, you might feel more relaxed knowing that your finances are being looked after by a team of experts.

Contact Luke Brooks if you'd like a live demonstration of how cashflow forecasting can help you to visualise your financial future after selling your business.

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