Bespoke investment management

Selling your business could give you a lump sum that's more cash than you’ve ever held. Deciding what to do with this lump sum is an exciting prospect. Paying off the mortgage and treating the family may be near the top of the list. But many entrepreneurs will recognise the need to make long-term investments.

Investment Management

Understanding your situation 

A great deal of your wealth has been in one investment – your business. You may want to cash in on some of that success, de-risk and provide a ‘nest egg’ for your family. You could aim to invest in order to receive a regular income. Or maybe you’re looking for steady growth. Perhaps while you're receiving an income from ‘earn-out’ payments based on the future performance of the business.

We'll examine your circumstances in depth and combine this knowledge with our technical and product expertise to develop an investment portfolio suited to your needs. You can draw on our decades of experience in identifying opportunities that suit your balance of risk and potential reward.

Empowering you to make choices 

With early planning, you'll be in a better position to structure your portfolio in the most tax efficient way. We suggest seeking advice at least a year before you expect to receive your lump sum or first instalments. Our investment team can work closely with our tax, financial planning and pensions experts, to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Entrepreneurs are often risk takers – many see the appeal of high-risk ventures. History, however, has taught us that the unforeseen can derail even the most experienced investor. At Smith & Williamson we advocate spreading the risk by acquiring a range of assets in a diversified portfolio.

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