Managing a divorce settlement

Successfully managing a divorce dispute requires the sensitivity to handle what can be a very difficult time and the expertise to navigate complex financial issues.

Managing A Divorce Settlement

Typically in a divorce dispute our clients want to ensure that the right pension settlements and sharing arrangements are in place while also minimising their tax liabilities. 

Anyone involved in a divorce also needs to think carefully about the value of any trusts or business assets they have, particularly if there is a discrepancy between the respective spouse’s understanding of the financial issues at stake.

Our approach


You’ll get a very personal service that is sensitive to your precise needs at every stage of the process.


You’ll have direct access to our highly qualified team of experts to ensure you have the advice you need on the key pensions and tax-related issues.


Our joined-up approach means you’ll have access to senior-level pensions, investments, tax and forensic valuation experts from across our diverse business. 

How we can help

  • Expert witness: Preparing expert witness reports on pensions, valuation and taxation issues. 
  • Rights: Assessing pension scheme rights and values and the viability of offsetting, earmarking and pension sharing.
  • Tax advice: Preparing income tax, corporation tax, self-assessment returns, capital gains tax and inheritance tax planning both pre and post separation.
  • Asset transfer: Early planning to ensure optimal timing of any transfer of assets.
  • Investigation: Looking into business profitability, appropriate remuneration and dividend policies in the case of disputes. 
  • Negotiation: Helping with divorce settlement negotiations, including advice on the structure of the settlement.
  • Financial planning: Comprehensive advice on meeting future financial requirements, such as capacity to borrow against specific assets.
  • Investment management: Providing advice on investment of settlements for capital growth or income needs.

Our credentials 


Our experts regularly comment on complex divorce issues in the national press and respected financial publications.


Our team comprises qualified chartered financial planners as well as chartered accountants, chartered tax adviser and affiliates of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners.

Best practice

We are affiliate members of Resolution and are committed to developing and promoting best practice standards.

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