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Smith & Williamson is proud to be a corporate founder of the ScaleUp Institute, helping to influence and improve the ecosystem for entrepreneurial businesses and facilitating their development and growth.

The ScaleUp Institute is a private sector, not-for-profit organisation which aims to deliver tangible benefits and remove barriers to corporate growth. It is committed to taking the UK’s international reputation for start-up businesses to the next level, by closing the scale-up gaps and developing a world-leading nation of high growth enterprises for the benefit of current and future generations. Closing the ‘scaleup gap’ has the potential to deliver:

  • up to 150,000 additional jobs by 2034, across every region of the UK
  • as much as £225bn (net) towards UK GDP, from 2015 to 2034
  • increased productivity in all sectors of the economy

The ScaleUp Report

Published in November 2014, the ScaleUp Report contains pioneering research and recommendations, providing the foundations upon which The ScaleUp Institute has developed. The Institute collaborates with policy makers, corporate partners and educational establishments to take these recommendations forward, to track the targets set out in the report, and to make a real and identifiable impact.

Download the ScaleUp Report on UK economic growth

The Scaleup Index

The inaugural Scaleup Index, compiled with Beauhurst and Smith & Williamson, examines 3,856 visible scaleups in the UK. The Index focuses on key attributes of our scaling community, showing the diversity of the nation’s scaleups, their breadth of sectors and presence up and down the country.

Download the Scaleup Index

The ScaleUp Review

The 2017 ScaleUp Review draws on the thematic work of the ScaleUp Institute and the results of its latest survey of scaleup leaders to present a complete picture of the national landscape. The ScaleUp Institute has collaborated with the Office of National Statistics, enabling the use of more comprehensive datasets, allowing the Review to examine in far more detail the relative scaleup performance of different geographic areas, as well as change over a three-year period.

Download the 2017 ScaleUp Review

The ScaleUp Review

Published in December 2016, the ScaleUp Review updates and builds upon the 2014 ScaleUp Report. It includes on new datasets, additional research and recently published surveys of scaleup leaders to make new recommendations on what needs to be done next to close the scaleup gap.

Download the 2016 ScaleUp review

Find a ScaleUp business

The ScaleUp Institute creates opportunities for scale-up companies across industry sectors and regions to meet and share ideas. Aspiring scale-ups benefit from research, thought leadership and resources. There are 11,575 Scaleup businesses in the UK. Find the latest information on their regional distribution.

Find ScaleUp businesses near you

The ScaleUp Institute has a number of founding supporters, including:

  • Business Growth Fund
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Google
  • Innovate UK
  • London Stock Exchange Group
  • Olswang
  • Smith & Williamson

“I am delighted that Smith & Williamson is a founding supporter of the ScaleUp Institute. Making sure that the UK becomes the best place to scale a business demands that our corporates, advisors and financiers work together and lean in to support these high growth businesses. Collaboration is key and Smith & Williamson has a crucial role to play through its network, as well as the mentorship and financial advice its teams can offer."
Irene Graham, CEO, ScaleUp Institute

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