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We know that listed companies and large corporates are under significant pressure to comply with increasingly onerous and technically complex reporting requirements in the months leading up to their financial year-end.

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External auditors are often heavily regulated and unable to offer as much practical advice and support as they would like during this period, due to unavoidable conflicts of interest. Our team is free from these conflicts and can step in to work with your company and auditors, acting as an independent, secondary provider to help relieve the burden and use our substantial knowledge of both International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and FRS 102 to plug any gaps.

Major challenges

  • New reporting requirements: There are a number of new and intricate financial reporting standards, including IFRS and FRS 102, which will have far-reaching implications for many corporates and listed companies. These implications will vary but even the least affected must work hard to prove that the changes will have little or no impact on them.
  • Resource constraints: Your finance team may not have sufficient or breadth of experience to deal with the intricacies of the disclosures, financial statements and other compulsory documentation.
  • Financial and time costs: The costs and risks of inefficient auditing may be considerable, diverting time and resources away from the day-to-day financial management of the business.
  • Conflicts of interest: Auditors are increasingly likely to be conflicted and unable to provide the level of advice and support that their clients require (e.g. when implementing new standards or when faced with new accounting questions). These restrictions on the extent of help your auditor can provide can lead to frustration and inefficiency, as well as placing further strain on the year end process.

Meeting your needs


Our team has the expertise and experience to act as a reliable, and independent, secondary provider to help relieve the burden for both parties and plug any gaps.


As we are not acting as the auditor, our advisers are free from many of the constraints and conflicts.


Our service is personal and tailored. You’ll have direct access to senior partners and we aim to act as an extension of your in-house team, providing back-up when your resources are stretched.

High quality

You’ll receive high standards of client service, with minimum disruption to your organisation

How we can help

  • Accountancy: we offer advice, prepare financial statements, document policy decisions and undertake share option and intangible asset valuations to a high standard, as painlessly and cost-effectively as possible
  • Audit: we present our work in the full context of audit requirements; we have extensive project management experience of year-end processes and in-depth knowledge of the new and changing IFRS and FRS 102 requirements
  • Support papers: Our team has a proven record of producing technically sound, rigorously researched, audit-friendly supporting papers, articulating the basis for a particular judgment with references to accounting and auditing standards where appropriate. We help plug any gaps, tailoring our support to cover the most relevant areas
  • Self-streamlining: We embed enhanced knowledge within client accounts preparation teams, with the aim of reducing our involvement over time, leaving clients better equipped to deal with the process internally. We share our analysis and workings with the auditor, to help streamline existing and future processes processes

Above all, we will work constructively with you and add value to the process.

Our credentials


We have longstanding relationships to support clients’ business and personal interests throughout the business lifecycle.


We are a member of Nexia International, a top ten global network of independent accounting and consulting firms with over 500 offices in more than 120 countries.


Our experts offer a genuine understanding of your business built on extensive sector knowledge, enabling us to deliver bespoke, targeted solutions.


We are actively involved in leading trade and industry bodies shaping the changes affecting your business.

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