Our specialist charities investment team acts for a range of charitable interests and professional trustee boards as a reliable and trusted custodian of their assets.

We take the time to identify and implement the right investment approach to meet the objectives of a charity or other non-profit organisations, and build portfolios tailored to individual requirements and evolving goals.

We believe that having a personal relationship and fully understanding your needs is the best way we can ensure a portfolio matches your charity’s requirements. In addition to delivering investment performance, we offer a dedicated client service and administration — helping you to achieve your strategic objectives.


How we can help

Assurance and accounting

Ensuring you have effective and accurate financial systems and controls in place to meet your business and compliance requirements is critical to your success.

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Investment management

Whether it’s generating investment returns without eroding capital or other requirements, a bespoke investment portfolio reflecting your specific attitude to risk and ethical principles can help your charity meet its strategic goals effectively.

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Wider charity services

Helping Trustees, charities and institutions with charitable status to reach their full potential.

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